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Tegneserietegnere en kanskje ikke visste at en likte (4)

Silvio Cadelo (født 1948 , Italia)

Before embarking on a career as a comics artist, Silvio Cadelo worked as an industrial designer, advertising professional, and an actor. Inspired by Moebius, with whom he later collaborated, Cadelo decided to move into comics in 1979. He drew his first stories for magazines like Linus, Alter and Frigidaire. He made his debut in France with 'Skeol' in 1981, followed by the portfolio 'Strappi'.
He teamed up with the writer Alejandro Jodorowsky and created 'Le Dieu Jaloux' and 'L'Ange Carnivore', two stories later reprinted as 'La Saga d'Alandor'. He joined the magazine À Suivre in 1987, where he continued the adventures of 'Envie de Chien', created two years earlier in Frigidaire. He also produced two erotic albums, 'Perverse Alice' and 'La Fleur Amoureuse', first published in L'Écho des Savanes. In 1993, Cadelo did an exposition in Galerie Lambiek, and illustrated Jean-Pierre Andrevon's 'L'Homme aux Dinosaures'. A year later, he did 'Les Plaisirs de Saturnin' at Glénat.
In 1995, Cadelo illustrated 'Les Fleurs Secrètes', with an erotic text by Pierre Louÿs, published by Vertige Graphic. In that same year, he began a collaboration with the Japanese publisher Kodansha. Together with the writer Bettina Sand, he conceived the trilogy 'Les Enfants de Lutèce', and later the 'Sulis et Demi-Lune' series ('Entre sang et eau' in 2003, and 'Entre glace et feu' in 2004). Also in 2004, Cadelo published the book 'Ypsine et la carte du tendre', and 'Les fleurs secrètes' in 2005.

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